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Journalists urged to pay attention to educational infrastructure

Journalists in the northern region have been tasked to re-direct their journalistic minds to the educational infrastructural development in the  region. According to Professor Seidu Alhassan, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University for Development Studies, every school is supposed to have certain basic amenities to aid learning such as electricity, toilet, urinals and a car park and journalists or mass media should be interested in ensuring that schools in the region have all that they need to function well.

Prof. Alhassan asked how many basic schools in the region have a car park that can contain at least five cars. In establishing a public school, there is the need to provide basic teaching and learning materials, he added.

Speaking to Zaa News, Prof.Alhassan indicated that journalists who monitor educational development, must ensure that they don’t only become policy entrepreneurs or initiators but policy implementers ensuring that policies go through the necessary procedures and eventually implemented.

The mass media, according to him, should not only focus on the formal educational sector but should as well concentrate on the informal and non-formal sectors. Informal education, he said, is important and the mass media should direct its lenses to the sector, since the country needs all forms of education to survive. The country, he said, must move away from the policy entrepreneurship way of doing things and focus on the right issues that concern the progress and development of the country.


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