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Police Prosecutors in northern region receive refresher training

About thirteen (13) police prosecutors in the northern region have received a refresher training on criminal prosecution to help improve their work. The workshop was aimed at building on the knowledge and skills of prosecutors to improve the relationship between police prosecutors and attorneys from the office of the attorney general.

The course workshop consisted of classroom lectures during which subjects on Criminal Law, Law of Evidence, criminal procedure, and courtroom practices (Dos and Don’ts) were taught by State attorneys and other legal practitioners from the Bar and the Bench.

The program to train police prosecutors in Ghana began in September 2015 with a grant from the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), an agency under the U.S Department of State at a cost share of 90 percent to INL and 10 percent to LADA Institute in the form of human resources and logistics.

The goal of the program is to build the capacity of police prosecutors in specific areas of criminal prosecution and general principles of law and criminal and justice, in order to address the apparent gap in the education and skills of police officers that are appointed to prosecute crimes on behalf of the attorney general in Ghana.

The participants are expected to have learnt the key concepts of combating crime in a manner to improve their efficiency and competence in practical terms leading to an accelerated number of prosecuted cases on merit at the end of the program.

Throughout the training about 485 police personnel in the three regions of the north sharpened their skills. Speaking to Zaa News the managing director of the LADA Group, Mr. Mark Ofori-Amanfo said as an institution, this is the second time such a refresher course was organized and may be the last but with the hope that the police administration and the ministry of justice will take up the program for its sustainability.

Mr Ofori-Amanfo further noted that they hope to see an improvement in the quality of prosecuted cases and an improved relationship between actors of the criminal justice system and the ordinary citizens who already have bias minds about the judiciary process. The program was organized by the Law And Development Associates Institute for police prosecutors in Ghana.


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