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Sanga residents say they have not benefited from 1V 1D

Residents of Sanga in the Sagnarigu municipality have rubbished government claims that it has constructed a dam for the community as part of its one village one dam policy. They say the community already has a dam and that not even a hole has been dug by government in their community.

The residents indicated that it was their member of parliament,  Alhaji A B A Fuseini, who in 2017 dredged the dam to create space for more water. They therefore questioned government’s motive to include Sanga as part of beneficiary communities of the one village, one dam project.

The Assembly Member for the Garizegu-Chang Naayil Electoral Area, Mr. Sugri A Jibril who spoke to newsmen during a visit to the area by the MP said immediately Sanga was mentioned as part of communities benefiting from the one village, one dam policy,, he drew the assembly’s attention to the anomaly and insisted that it be corrected.

But the assembly he noted failed to heed his call, forcing the community members to respond appropriately. Alhaji A B A Fuseini said the dam obviously cannot be part of the dugouts the NPP government is parading as dams.

He said the Sanga dam is big enough to contain crocodiles, insisting that the ones constructed by government cannot even contain 100 frogs. He cautioned that lying in governance is an atrocious act against the good people of this country and urged government to be truthful.

BY: Saani Lukmman                                                                                              

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