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Superior responds to disgruntled executives by sternly refuting allegations

The mayor of Tamale, Mr. Iddrisu Musah Superior has dismissed allegations leveled against him by some NPP Executives of the Tamale South and Central constituencies, describing them as total fabrications.

He said he will not be distracted by what he called empty allegations and sponsored attacks.

The executives of the two constituencies at a charged News Conference yesterday called on President Nana Akufo-Addo to dismiss the mayor with immediate effect. They accused the MCE of insubordination and diversion of funds meant for the development of Tamale to the Mion constituency, among others.

But responding to the allegations on his Facebook page, Mr. Superior described the allegations of diverting the assembly’s resources and projects to Mion as not only weird but strange. He questioned how on earth would the elected assembly members of the Tamale Metro sit idly by for this to happen.  Such an outrageous allegations, he noted, can only come from persons who have little understanding of how MMDAs operate.

The mayor on accusations that he refused to award contracts to the executives of the constituencies stated categorically that, all contracts that have been awarded by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly went through the laid down procurement processes and procedures and not done unilaterally. He indicated that Ghana is governed by set of laws and all contracts are awarded in accordance with the Public Procurement Act 2003 (663).

On allegations that he does not consult party leadership in the metropolis, the mayor said decisions relating to the governance of the metropolis usually take place collectively in the house during which elected members and government appointees participate effectively in all discussions to either develop a policy or enact bye-laws.

He said anytime chiefs, imams, clergy, other opinion leaders and political actors are expected to make an input on a decision, the assembly creates the platform for an open, deeper and wider consultative framework for such crucial interventions.

Mr. Superior concluded that he remains focused on his mandate as the Metropolitan Chief Executive.

By: Saani Lukman

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