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Take advantage of Digitization of Music- Senior Manager of MTN Ghana Product and Services

As part as efforts to improve and discover new talent and creativity in the creative arts industry telecommunication giants, MTN has held a Digital Music Conference, in the northern regional capital Tamale which focused on creating ways to help the digitization and monetization of music and arts by local artistes.

The conference seeks to bring industry players together and create an atmosphere that triggers the discussion of issues pertaining to the music industry.

It will also offer the platform for interaction among artistes, managers, producers, and recording companies among others into finding ways to digitize local content. The music conference under the theme, “The music industry and adapting to the emerging global technologies; opportunities and challenges,” saw various music characters from the three regions of the north disclose ways to address the various challenges facing local artistes in promoting their music.

Addressing musicians and social media specialists at the conference Senior Manager of MTN Ghana Product and Services, Bless Sefenu Agordjo, said his outfit was willing and ready to help artistes thrive in their endeavors especially considering their vast reach on the Africa continent.


Mr Agordjo advised artists to take the digitization of their creativity seriously. The managing director of Content Connect Ghana, Mr. Munya Chanetsa, was worried about the low penetration of credit cards on the continent, which does not aid the purchase of music on the internet. He said the challenge of most local musicians’ is marketing their content to generate the required royalties or revenue to sustain their career in the arts industry.

He said as a country we need to find African solutions for Africa especially with the payment method which is the biggest challenge. According to him, credit card penetration in Africa is less than 1% in countries excluding South Africa, Egypt and Angola, hence the need to find ways to purchase music through mobile money across the continent which will make the purchase of music much easier.

Some northern legend musicians ‘Sherif Ghale, Kawastone and Prince Mahama took turns to challenge upcoming musicians to educate themselves musically, spiritually and physically. They called for self-discipline, branding and respect among young musicians. The three also thanked MTN for the initiative and asked that musicians embrace it for their own benefit. Talent alone they say is not enough for them to progress in the music industry.


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