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The number of children living on the streets on the rise in Ghana says Director for Center for Initiative Human Trafficking

The Executive Director for the Center for Initiative Human Trafficking, Mr. Abdulai Danaa has revealed that Tamale recorded about ten thousand cases of streetism in 2016.

The trend, he warned, was on the rise and called for vigilance from every citizen. UNICEF statistics also show that about 45 million people in West Africa live on the streets.

One unpleasant observation in Ghana today is that hardly a day passes without one seeing children on the streets. Such children include those who have been subjected to abuse such as severe beating and starvation in their homes and have found solace in the streets.

Once on the streets, they meet other children who have suffered the same fate and engage in menial jobs such as selling icy water as a means of livelihood. This unfortunate development is fast eroding the image of Ghana as the safest and most peaceful nation in the sub-region due to the problems associated with streetism.

The director made this known to Zaa News during a sensitization forum at Nyankpala D/A JHS and St. Monica JHS in the Tolon district. The forum which formed part of the Center’s School Based Programme initiative was to sensitize students on the dangers associated with streetism, migration and child trafficking.

The students were cautioned against illegal migration, streetism, and child trafficking. Mr. Danaa indicated that the Center has established school clubs across 14 districts in the northern region with five beneficiary schools in each of the districts with majority being female.

He mentioned some of the districts as Sagnarigu, Tamale, Tolon, Kumbungu, Savelugu, and Nanton. The rest are Salaga, Bimbilla, Wulensi, Yendi and Karaga.  He also added that the forum was to create awareness about the celebration of World Streetism Day which usually falls on every 12 of April.

The head teacher of Nyankpala D/A JHS, Mr. Abdul-Rahaman Robert Kofi said the programme will go a long way to help the students, teachers and the entire school management. He also advised parents to take the education of their wards seriously.

The Head master of St Monica’s JHS, Mr. Simon Dumba on his part expressed his profound gratitude to the team and called for more of such educative programs.

By: Lilian D. Walter

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