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Use dialogue to address your differences, Ya-Naa to Dagombas at Agbogbloshei

The Overlord of Dagbon Kingdom, Ya-Naa Mahama Abukari II

The King of the Dagbon Kingdom, Ya-Naa Mahama Abukari II has advised the Dagbon Community in Agbogbloshie to desist from using weapons and resort to dialogue whenever there is a misunderstanding amongst them.

“Once there is peace in Dagbon now, there must be peace among Dagombas everywhere. Let’s forgive one another and forge ahead with peace and unity. Henceforth, never attack each other when there is any misunderstanding but rather resort to dialogue for redress. The use of guns does not resolve issues but only worsens the situations at hand.,”the Ya-Naa emphasized.

The Ya-Naa gave the advice when a delegation of Dagomba Chiefs from the Greater Accra region led by the Chief of Kasoa, Naa Mohammed Amidu paid a courtesy call on him at the Gbewaa Palace in Yendi.

The visit was to seek for the Ya-Naa’s intervention in an age long confusion whenever there is a change in political power between NPP and NDC.

For so many years now, scrap dealers in the Agbogbloshie area have been fighting over who controls the area, the situation worsens especially after a change in political power, leading to the loss of lives and destruction of properties.

Addressing the delegation that consisted of both NPP and NDC leaders, leadership of the scrap dealers from Agbogbloshei and that of sponsors of their activities, German International Development Agency’s (GIZ), the Ya-Naa appealed to them to let patience and togetherness be their main objective for sustainable development.

The Ya-Naa also called on politicians to stop the politics of insults and rather sell their ideas to the people to attract their votes.

The group, whose activities are funded by the German International Development Agency’s (GIZ) Head of E-Waste Management, MarcusSpitzbarg said they can’t continue to develop Agbogbloshei if there is not peace and stability in the area.

“Peace building process is the fundamental for everything we can do in the scrap yard. Without peace, it’s impossible to bring in sustainable E-Waste management into the scrap yard,” Marcus said.

He disclosed that the E-Waste program supported by the German government is an agreement between Germany and Ghana and appealed to the Overlord of Dagbon and all other chiefs to support them to bring a lasting peace at the scrap yard.

Already, GIZ has provided a school, hospital and a football pitch for the area but wants the culture of attacking one another whenever there is a change in political power to seize so they can do more to support Agbogbloshei to be a better place for survival.

However, the delegation also paid courtesy calls on the Paramount Chiefs of Tolon, Sagnarigu, Savelugu, Diyeli, Mion among others to discuss a lasting solution to the protracted Agbogbloshie disputes.

The group appealed to the highly revered Dagbon chiefs to intervene in bringing the matter to an end.

All the chiefs including the Overlord of Dagbon unanimously noted that the long standing dispute had Abudu-Andani undertones and pledged to work to resolve it once and for all.

The Paramount Chiefs appealed to Dagbon youth to embrace peace and oneness for the growth of the kingdom.

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