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Message from the Chairman of Zaa Radio, Alhaji Muhammad Umar

Our social standing —- titles, positions, wealth and knowledge are useless or meaningless if we do not use our God given opportunity to help develop or raise the living standards of Dagbon.

Yes, we have no excuse not to use whatever Allah has blessed us with to contribute to the development of our people. The desire to help our people must be the motivation to acquire knowledge, wealth, and leadership positions in the workplace, and not load it over our people.

Whichever way you look at it, we are beset with a multitude of problems — abject poverty, impassable roads, terrible erosion and depletion of our land, horrible diseases, lack of jobs and accessible good water, nonexistence of investments or business owners, yet we pride ourselves on being leaders. My God, shame to all of us. What are we waiting for? Maybe until we are Six feet under.

It hurts reading about our brothers and sisters being used as ping pong balls in Ghana’s political games. Our brothers are the body guards, the foot soldiers for politicians and political parties, only to be discarded like garbage when their services are no longer needed. Not only that, we have become professional pretenders, beggars, social media mediocre experts with unsubstantiated stories that just undermine each other. Are we serious as a people?

My brothers and sisters, we may not be rich in material resources, but we have the human capital. From now on each one of us must resolve within ourselves to help promote the human social and economic development of Dagbon by committing to do the undermentioned;

1   Assist in your leadership positions by creating jobs for the youth.

2   Teach and train our brothers on how to catch fish themselves, not give them fish to eat. Encourage the youth to learn a trade and not only just earn a college degree or diploma that leads to nowhere. They can become professional carpenters, steel benders, plumbers, mechanics, etc,. These professions are high earning incomes in developed countries.

3   Stop fabricating stories to and about our leaders for favor. Think and verify before you write or speak. Concentrate on the persons’ deeds not on their personal life, unless it’s positive.

4   Our chiefs, political leaders and parliamentarians must work together for the common good for our people. We may differ in the method but not in the objective.

5   Stop digging pot holes for or praying for others to fail. We must not work to deny others what Allah has bestowed on them, for it will surely catch up with us.

6   We must exercise patience in our quest to attain wealth, profession or leadership. Lack of patience brings about evil mind and dark souls that end up worst off.

7   Speak and write positive things about Dagbon that will lure investors and industries; it will create jobs for our people. No jobs, no security.

8   Educate our youth to say a big no to the politicians using them as ping pong balls to promote their selfish and parochial interests.

My brothers and sisters remember we have no others to call home other than what we have now. When we allow others to destroy Dagbon, then we are doomed. The painful thing is we see and hear but with our eyes and ears wide opened don’t seem to see or hear. We see and hear what we want to but not the truth. Allah guide us and take the greed, stupid jealousy and ignorance out of our poor souls. Amen. Where is the “Billchiisi and the Kavuni”?. THINK ABOUT IT.

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