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Commodities Continue Upward Trend in Aboabo Market


Most commodities continued their upward trend in the month of August in the Aboabu and Central markets in Tamale, a survey has revealed.

Maize closed the month with a bowl of old maize selling at 4. 50 while a bag sells at one hundred and sixty (160) Ghana cedis.

A bowl of new maize currently sells at 4 cedis while a bag is sold between 130.00 and 155.00 cedis depending on the seller.

Dealers are attributing the price to low yields last year and hope that the fall army worms do not affect maize yields this year.

While maize farmers in the northern region continue to battle with fall army worms, prices of the most consumed foodstuff is predicted to inch up in the coming months .

Zaa News’ Fakaiha Bawa and Janet Tenzagh who conducted a market survey on Monday pointed to a continued increase in prices of items that constitute the food basket.

A bowl of millet in Aboabu market has increased from 6.50 three months ago to 7.50 pushing a bag price to 260 Ghana cedis.  Little wonder therefore that some porridge and kenkey sellers within the Tamale metro have increased their prices 

Most of the popular porridge joints Zaa News visited indicated that a 500 milliliter cup which used to be 50 pesewas with sugar now sells at 60-70 pesewas depending upon the joint. 

 Porridge, kenkey and banku according to some restaurant operators may see further increment in the coming days even though we are entering the harvesting season. 

 Our checks in the market also revealed that prices of beans differ depending on the type.

For example, a bowl of big beans sells at 12 cedis and a bag is 480 Ghana cedis whilst the small beans sell at 9 cedis a bowl and a bag is 400 cedis.

On leguminous items, a bowl of old groundnuts sells at eleven Ghana cedis and the bag is 444 cedis. New groundnuts sells at 9 cedis a bowl and a bag for 360 Ghana cedis. 


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