23rd March 2020 was exactly two months since authorities in Central China city of Wuhan in Hubei Province announced a lockdown on 23rd January 2020. When the lockdown was announced, many of us were wondering how we are going

smarHealht Ghana has recorded its first confirmed coronavirus cases on Thursday, Ministry of health has announced. The two according to health Minister Mr  Kwaku Aygeman Manu returned to Ghana from Norway and Turkey. At a short televised on Thursday night, the

Chief Executive Officer of Komfo Anoky Teaching Hospital (KATH), Dr Oheneba Owusu-Danso  has warned that Ghana is not far from being hit by the deadly Corona virus that is ravaging across the globe. According to the KATH CEO, Ghana's over stretch

Women in the Shea butter processing in the Northern have called on chiefs and opinion leaders in the communities to institute bylaws baning cuting down of the most valuable shea trees. The women accused men of undernerating the value of the shea trees in