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Buipei and Yapei residents happy about booming business


imageResidents of Yapei in the Central Gonja district of the Northern Region have expressed joy over the booming nature of business in the area.

For the past one week business activities in Yapei have increased enormously due in large part to the closure of both the Buipe and Yapie bridges.

Passengers who travel along the Kumasi-Tamale highway have to stop at either sides of the bridge and cross with motor kings or okada bikes. This has enhanced buying and selling. The boom has attracted people from nearby communities such as Damongo junction (Fufulso).

While sellers are reaping profits from the flourishing business, motor king and okada drivers have not been left out. These two modes of transports are the only means one can use to cross the bridges.

Many people in and around Yapei who own motor bikes, including Fulani men, are now into the okada business. Okada drivers charge five Ghana cedis per person while motor king charge two Ghana cedis before carrying passengers across the bridge.

Many Okada drivers, majority of whom are the youth of area expressed their happiness to Zaa news; they are thrilled that they can now make cash on a daily basis.

Before this boom times, the youth said they would go the whole day without making a dime. They are, however, glad that their services are now being patronized and they can make some money.

Asked if they will like to see the bridge shut down for a long period, they said they would want the repair works to be done in due time, but were quick to point out that their business would be diminished should the bridge be opened.

The Yapei and Buipe bridges were closed last week due to some damages which are a threat to the travelling public.

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