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Engage Emotional Intelligent People; Expert advises employers

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An organizational management expert and a psychologist, Mr Noble Kumawu is advising owners of companies to engage people with emotional intelligence if they really want their companies to survive.

Mr Kumawu who is the president of the Organization Development Institute (OD) said many organizations across the globe struggle sometimes because of the caliber of workforce they engage.

The Institute is the only institution in Africa offering training to professionals in masters of Arts (MA) degree in organization development, MA in managerial psychology and MA in development, governance and policy studies among others.

OD which has been affiliated to the University of Cape Coast (UCC) since 2014 is opening its campus in Tamale for the people in the three regions of the north.

It is hoping to shape many institutions struggling to survive due to the poor managerial competencies and also build individuals skills to become consultants.

Speaking to Zaa News over the weekend after meeting a cross-section of professionals from diverse backgrounds, Mr Kumawu said accessing peoples emotional intelligence is critical in job recruitment. 

Research, he said, has shown that employees with emotional intelligence performed better than people with low emotional intelligence and are better managers in the institutions they head.

The psychologist believes, if Ghana adopts the OD practice, characters will definitely shape up and institutions in Ghana will function properly to the benefit of every citizen.

Commenting on the collapse of seven local banks in the country, Mr Kumawu attributed the challenges confronting the banking sector to recruitment process.

“With proper recruitment and putting experience people at the managerial level, the sector will not have witnessed what has happened,” he said


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