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NCA advises consumers in the northern region on poor quality service from telecos


Consumers in the telecommunications sector will have to bear with the service providers anytime they encounter challenges, the National Communication Authority (NCA) has said.
The NCA said, Service providers systems sometimes disappoint them, especially when it comes to the quality of service consumers receive from the service providers.
The NCA explained that, the license regulation guiding the sector has been in existence for 15 years without review, and it is about time for it to be reviewed to address the growing challenges consumers get on daily bases.

The NCA is also asking consumers to get proper mobile phones in order to get better and quality service. It said the type of phone a consumer uses also matters in quality service delivery and consumers need to get NCA’s certified phones.
On the telecom mast sites, the NCA said, because of the growing population, operators need to erect more masts in the communities for better service. According to the NCA, the closer you are to the signal site, the better service you have.
The review of Quality of Service Regulations (QOS), according to NCA, will look at possible regulations on how service providers charge consumers of the calls they make.
It will also ensure that, consumers are not cheated by service providers. The NCA is currently on nationwide consultations with stakeholders on the draft Quality of Service Regulations to solicit consumers’ input.
Consumers are expected to make inputs on how much they want to be compensated for being cheated on voice calls, internet, mobile money transaction services and text massages.
At a stakeholder forum on the draft QOS in Tamale, the NCA said it expects the telecoms to improve quality up to 95% and in some services such as mobile money 100%.
On voice messages, the NCA said, many of the telecos fail on it and have been sanctioned accordingly.
The NCA described QOS as the telecom referendum and consumers must show keen interest for quality service delivery.
Some of participants raised concerns about calls jumps at border towns such Hamile, Tatale and Chereponi, where local calls are turned into foreign calls. But the NCA Deputy Director in charge of Regulatory Administration, Kwame Gyamfo blamed some of the poor quality service on the type of phones some consumers use.
He also said the authority has taken note of challenges in neighboring countries such as Togo and Burkina Faso. He attributed these to international protocols and assured that the NCA will run a special program for those areas and will also meet authorities in those countries to address them.

The Deputy Director General in charge of Technical, Henry Kanou explained the rationale behind the public consultations on the draft quality service regulations.

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