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Passengers and drivers complain about closure of vital bridges



The unannounced closure of the Buipe and Yapei bridges six days ago, is exacting untold hardship on drivers and passengers who use the Tamale-Kumasi highway. .

Commuters lamented over difficulties emanating from the closure. Authorities said they were compelled to close the White and Black bridges because of visible damages to their expanses and pose a danger to motorists and the travelling public.

This closure became necessary after Roads and Highway Minister, Mr. Kwesi Atta visited the two bridges to ascertain the level of damage.

He announced the closure of these important bridges and gave alternative routes, but no planned interventions have been put in place for people who had already left various places for their destinations.

Passengers who travelled from the Upper West regions, Bole, Damongo and Buipe including those coming from the southern part of Ghana, now have to stop at Yapei and cross the bridge on foot, on motorbikes and in trotro (Mini Buses).

Commercial buses coming from both sides of the bridge stop five hundred meters away so that passengers can get off to board either an “okada” or motor king to cross the bridge.

This issue has compelled travelers to pay either double or more than the fare for their respective destinations.

At the Yapei bridge some passengers who spoke to Zaa news on condition of anonymity at  said they now spend close to five hours for journeys which are supposed to be two hours owing to the post-post they do.

Drivers on the other hand are complaining loudly that business has taken a beating and point to the fact that they can no longer load to their usual destinations as they have to stop half way during the journey.

Government earlier this year, in March, to be precise, spent huge sums of money rehabilitating the two bridges. But a visit by Zaa news team to Yapei witnessed that in just five months of the rehabilitation, the bridge is terribly worn out and can be described as a death trap.

After six days of the closure of the two bridges linking the northern and southern regions of Ghana, a contractor is yet to be seen at the site for work to commence.

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