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Revenue Authority launches tax and good governance week

As part of efforts to increase and encourage voluntary tax compliance in revenue mobilization, the Domestic Tax Revenue Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has launched the 2018 Tax and Good Governance week programme in Tamale.

The programme is geared towards encouraging the filling of annual tax returns and ultimately increasing the level of voluntary compliance among the tax paying public.

The week long programme is on the theme; Filling Your Tax Returns, Your Civic Responsibility’’. Speaking at the ceremony, the regional dead of the domestic tax revenue division. Alhaji Haruna S. Sachibu stated that the launch is a follow up to the national campaign held during the last quarter of 2017 addint that this time the focus is on filling of annual tax returns.

In accordance with Income Tax Act, 2015 (Act 896) and the Revenue Administration Act, 2016 (Act 915) a person shall file his returns with the commissioner General not later than four months after the year of assessment.

It is therefore his expectation that all income earners will file their tax returns during this month of April. According to him, one of the key means of ensuring voluntary compliance is to have a well- informed tax payer population.

Setting aside one week as the tax and good governance week therefore seeks to among others bring information to tax payers and letting them understand their rights and responsibilities, the various tax policies and the need to honor all their tax obligations.

Alhaji Sachibu further noted that this year, the authority is mandated to collect a total of 39.8 billion Ghana cedis as tax revenue. A number of tax compliance measures, he stated. have been introduced just so voluntary compliance among tax payers will increase.

These policies he mentioned include Tax Amnesty, Electronic point of Sale Device (EPOS), the Excise Tax Stamp, withholding tax on VAT supplies and purchase by appointed agents, Tax holiday for young entrepreneurs, and the final roll out of the Total Revenue Integrated Processing Systems to Domestic Tax Revenue Divisions.

He subsequently appealed to all and sundry to assist in ensuring that the aim of this week is achieved, adding ‘’this is the surest way government’s vision of Ghana Beyond Aid can be achieved.

The programme was attended by Naa Dakpema and his elders, the northern regional minister, MMDCEs, NCCE and Management and staff of the GRA.


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