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Northern Regional Minister calls for payment of taxes by citizens


The Northern Regional Minister Salifu has stated that, there cannot be development without the payment of tax. According to him, taxation is a tool which countries rely on and use to mobilize revenue to develop their economies, saying, “As we move to Ghana-Beyond Aid, it is imperative for us to be able to raise enough revenue domestically.”

Mr Sa-eed said revenue mobilization in the country over the years has not kept pace with the ever growing demands of citizens for development projects and better services from government.

He was speaking at the launch of Tax and Good Governance week programme in Tamale. Revenues he indicated have not been able to keep up with these demands, thus, creating a deficit which has to be bridged through government borrowing or through support from donor partners.

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in 2017 launched a national tax campaign to sensitize the populace especially all eligible taxpayers of the need to honor their tax obligations through the filling at returns and payment of the corresponding taxes.

He said government has declared a tax amnesty to enable taxpayers register, file returns and make any outstanding payments for prior years without the imposition of interest and penalties or prosecution. These interventions the Regional minister says, are aimed at ensuring voluntary compliance by the taxpayer, and called on the general public to pay their taxes for the development of the country.


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