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Zaa was established to promote Dagbon-C.E.O


The Chief Executive Officer of Zaa radio , Alhaji Mohammed Ibn Umar, has reiterated his commitment to promoting the culture and the interests of Dagbon.

According to Alhaji Umar, it was important that Dagombas maintain a high level of respect for each other with or without differences.

He was addressing staff, board members, some selected clients, the various political parties representatives and listeners at Zaa end – of – year- party in Tamale during his visit to Ghana.

The party offered clients of Zaa radio the opportunity to acquaint themselves with those behind the console playing their favorite music and advertising their products.

Telling the gathered clients and invitees that Zaa Radio was established with the aim of promoting Dagbon, Alhaji Umar bemoaned the fact that despite its numerical strength, Dagbon has been marginalized and its language run the risk of fading out.

Zaa Radio which broadcast 70% in Dagbani took over the airwaves in the Dagomba dominated region shocking many industry watchers. The peoples interest first approach propelled Zaa to the top of the rankings in the region.

The emergence of Zaa and its progressive programming was the dawn of a new era in the broadcasting industry in the north and greatly influenced other stations which have adopted Zaa’s progress style of programming.

The Zaa C.E.O said Dagombas are noted for their hard work but managing their resources for their own benefit is non existent which therefore calls for experts in different fields to explain in detail how to manage those resources.

He advised people in the north especially Dagbon to be wary of politicians, particularly members of parliament who do not fight enough on their behalf and political activists need to understand that and stop engaging in violence.

Alhaji Umar made it clear that there are well established and successful Dagomba business men and women across the world who want to set up businesses in the north but the perception that their properties could be destroyed by hoodlums aligned to political parties scares them off.

Zaa TV

The C.E.O didn’t disappoint many anxious listeners who consistently asked when Zaa is coming on Television.

Alhaji Ibn Umar assured that preparations are far advance for Zaa TV and listeners of Zaa just to have to exercise a little patience.

Opinion leader

An opinion leader in Tamale, Alhaji Abdulai popularly known as Alhaji Abdulai Chairman called on the youth in Tamale to put the interest of Dagbon first before any other personal interest.

“This is the only way Dagbon can move forward to regain its past glory,” The respected opinion leader who was the District Chief Executive for Tamale between 1969-1972 under Busia regime also advised the youth in Tamale to watch their tongue and be watchful of the words they use.

“I went to detention four times, I went to exile to avoid further arrest because at the time it was not easy speaking on national issues.”

The over 80 years-old former DCE pleaded with the youth to desist from unnecessary cheating and concentrate on hard work to earn a decent living.

He expressed worry about immoral activities that has engulfed the Tamale metropolis in recent times and the region at large. “Excessive drinking of alcohol and explicit sexual activities is worrying and need to stop,” the opinion leader lamented.

A board member of Zaa, Alhaji Sharif Savvanah advised representatives of the various political parties to engage in healthy discussions during live programs rather than engaging in acrimony and rancor which ultimately portray them as violent.

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