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Kalpohin Senior High School Headmaster appeals for adequate infrastructure


imageThe Headmaster of the Kalpohin Senior High School (KASS) Chief Mahama Andani has appealed to the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education to take urgent steps to address problems confronting the school.

According to Chief Andani, the school has a population of about 1,782 students, but the infrastructural development has not kept pace with its age and and growth.

The headmaster made this appeal on the occasion of the 25th anniversary celebration of KASS on Saturday 12th March, 2016. The celebration was on the theme;”25 years of community–based secondary education, successes and challenges’’. “Dormitory accommodation for both boys and girls is woefully inadequate.”

In the wake of the CSSPS, students are placed in the school from all regions of the country for which it has no choice but to admit them. This has overstretched existing accommodation facilities resulting in terrible congestion.

He lamented that the school is the only senior high school without a bus in the Sagnarigu district which was carved out of the Tamale metropolis. The only means of transport is a Mahindra pick-up truck which is used for a variety of purposes. This, Chief Andani said, is bad enough.

A standard classroom has been converted into a library with furniture occupying over two-thirds of the space. The state of the school actually makes it unattractive to the students and teachers, and addressing the problem would be a definite way of positively influencing teaching and learning in the school, the headmaster added.

The headmaster was also quick to point out that the school has no dining hall and called on stakeholders and government to come to their aid.

Chief Andani further revealed that despite the challenges, the academic performance of students has always been good.

The current teachers are conscious of the tradition of the school which is ensuring that students that gain admission into the school are given adequate preparation to pass their final examination.

Another speaker at the celebrations, the member of parliament for Tamale North, Mr. Alhassan Dahamani,urged the media to disassociate themselves from issues that have the potential of destroying society.

Mr. Dahamani said the media is the mouth-piece of the people that can make and unmake a person, hence the need for them to be circumspect, accurate and conscious of what they report. He admonished media personnel to concentrate more on issues of development, peace and unity since these are the keys to a successful nation.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Sagnarigu, Mr. Alhassan Mohammed Sorugudoo, on his part stated emphatically that he is aware of the challenges facing the school and promised to do his best with support from the district assembly and the GES to provide solutions.

The President of the Old Students’ Association of the school Alhassan Bawa in his speech, entreated students to maintain and sustain the level of discipline exhibited by their predecessors.


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