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We want to go to our parents- Students of Chereponi SHS implore education authorities

Students at the Chereponi Technical Senior High who do not hail from the Chokosi tribe are demanding that the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) and the District Security Committee (DISEC) allow them, for purely safety purposes, go back to their parents, police have said.

The anxious students converged at the Chereponi police station Wednesday morning and appeared not ready to listen to any official assuring them of their safety. The students’ decision goes against the advice of DISEC and the G.E

The two bodies held a crucial meeting and agreed that maximum security be provided to the school and the students but the students insisted on going back to their parents.

The students’ fear may have been fueled by the burning of Nambire,a Chokosi community in spite of the heavy security presence in the area. So far 22 communities have been burnt down since the conflict broke out, 11 of the burnt communities belong to the Konkombas and 11 to the Chokosi.

According to the police, the destruction of properties seemed to have turned into competition among the two ethnic groups. The Northern Regional Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Mohammed Yussif Tanko told the media that a re-enforcement team from Accra has arrived with additional vehicles to beef up security. Police and military, DSP Yussif Tanko emphasized are gradually taken control over the situation.

The P.R.O explained that the burning of communities are usually carried out under the cover of darkness in remote areas.

DSP Yussif Tanko re-echoed the police appeals to the community leaders of both Konkombas and the Chokosi to speak to their people for the need for peaceful co-existence and resolve to dialogue rather than engaging in violence.

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