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We won’t use corporal punishment in classrooms again, declare Sang Teachers

Some teachers in the Sang district have resolved not to use corporal punishment and abusive language during lessons hours.

They also vowed to be receptive to the views of students, answer students questions to the understanding of their satisfaction and to acknowledge that they are not the final repositories of knowledge.

In addition, the teachers also agreed to remain calm by controlling their temper even at the least provocation by the students. The teachers were advised to read with their pupils and put up smiling faces often to give hope and sound mind in the class.

This new approach to teaching was contained in the teachers’ position presented at E4L Teacher Professional Development Project (TPDP) stakeholder’s meeting at Sang over the weekend. Citing the project’s help in increasing their confidence level, the teachers said it had also  improved their relationship with SMCs and PTAs.

Mr. Seidu Alhassan, the head teacher of Sang Zakariya Primary School, who presented the teachers position on the review meeting for cycle teachers and stakeholders said the project created a child friendly atmosphere and their classrooms are now lovely.
On the success of the project Mr Alhassan attributed it to the strict supervision by E4L and commended E4L for making teachers problems their priority.

There was a common agreement among selected schools head teachers that corporal punishment be avoided and students attempting to answer questions or who answered questions must be applauded to serve as encouragement.

The head teachers appealed to teachers to accept all questions and assist their pupils in putting their questions well.  The teachers also identified folktales and songs as a strategy teachers can adopt to encourage pupils to always come to school.

Representatives of the Mion District Assembly and the District Education Directorate urged teachers to always smiling faces. They also urged teachers to ensure that pupils have opportunity to express themselves freely without any obstruction and pleaded with the teachers to cultivate the habit of motivating pupils and guiding them in their interest areas.

Mion District Ghana Education Service Exam Officer, Mr. Adibu Mba who presented their position on the issue urged teachers to ensure that their classrooms are well arranged to enable effective learning. He thanked the E4L on behalf of G.E.S and the assembly gratitude for bringing the TPDP project.

The project he said, has brought clarity to the duties of the SMCs and the PTAs and increased the monitoring of schools by PTAs and SMCs which was non-existent.

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