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DAMONGO NMTC GRADUATION AND MATRICULATION: Student nurses urged to take their academic work seriously and become well-skilled professionals


Student nurses have been urged to take their academic work serious in order to become well trained professionals. The nursing profession they are reminded is a noble one and under no circumstance should its professionalism be compromised.

A lecturer at the school of nursing at University for Development Studies, Dr. David Salifu, made the call while speaking as a guest speaker at a joint graduation and matriculation ceremony of the Damongo nursing and midwifery training college noted that, the nursing profession is not a “trial and error” and must not be taken for granted.

He laments that, the current crop of nursing students undermines the essence of knowledge and skills in the profession and therefore always want to cheat the system through exam malpractices. He is also worried that, students who apply to the various nursing schools with good grades are not able to defend their results. Dr. Salifu is also worried about the decline of the image of nursing in Ghana as a result of the unprofessional conduct by some nurses. He said, “to overturn this sad story of our profession, it is important that the right investments is be made in nursing education”.

Dr. Salifu has also urge student nurses to cultivate discipline to achieve academic excellence, adding that, “today’s nursing students are tomorrows nurses”.  

On her part, Principal of Damongo nursing and midwifery training college, Hajia Rabi touted the excellent performance of the college over the years despite the many challenges confronting them.  She urged the fresh students to feel at home and learn to ensure they accomplish the dreams that brought them into the profession. She was however quick to add that, the college will not hesitate to dismiss or demote any student who performed poorly in their academic work.

In all three badges, 2020, 2021 and 2022 badges were graduated. The first badge of the midwifery students was also admitted and matriculated.


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