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Tamale chapter of Sharecare Ghana launched

The Project Co-ordinator of Sharecare Ghana, Ibrahim Abubakari Imoro, has urged parents and the public to desist from the practice of killing their own children born with symptoms of auto-immune and neurological conditions. Several children across the globe, especially in Africa, have suffered inhumane treatment, including both psychological and physical torture and death in the hands of both parents and native doctors, who claim to have spiritual ways of disposing of children with such conditions. He says the cruelty visited on these people, as indicated by research and investigations, clearly violates and infringes on the rights of people living with those conditions.

The laws of Ghana as enshrined in the 1992 constitution accord every citizen the right to life under any condition. Any act therefore to eliminate any person born with any condition with or without the consent of the person is purely criminal. But several people for the lack of knowledge on these provisions have had to put their own children they love through hell.

Mr. Imoro made these comments at the launch of the Tamale chapter of Sharecare Ghana in Tamale. Sharecare Ghana’s establishment is anchored on awareness creation and advocacy, research and the provision of support to people living with autoimmune and neurological conditions, their families, friends and care-givers.

Established in Accra in the year 2007, the launch of the Tamale office will serve as a center for the three regions of Northern Ghana. Sharecare Ghana therefore underscored the need for the media, civil society and society at large, to be active stakeholders in the fight against the murder of people with these conditions.


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