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Women in the northern region urged to use family planning

Due to the high rates of childbirth in the northern region women are being encouraged to patronize family planning methods. According to a health professional at the Health directorate in Tamale, Madam Yakubu Rahinatu, this will help improve living conditions of families. Family planning she stated provides many benefits to the mother, children, father, and the family as well.

Madam Rahinatu was speaking to the host of Community Development, Mrs. Memunatu Abukari, on Zaa radio on Monday.  She said family planning enables the mother to regain her health after delivery, gives her enough time and opportunity to love and provide attention to her husband and children.

It also gives more time for her family and own personal advancement. When suffering from an illness, gives enough time for treatment and recovery. Healthy mothers produce healthy children she added.

Madam Rahinatu further noted that the planning of a family is a collaborative effort of both partners which needs the understanding of the two. She bemoaned the situation where a woman is pregnant with another baby who can barely sit, eat or walk.

Responding to a question on the misconceptions women have about family planning, Madam Rahinatu says some family planning methods may cause side effects which she said are manageable and usually disappear with time. She has therefore encouraged clients to visit the nearest health facility if the side effects continue to bother them.


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