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Andani family declares 4th to 18th January mourning period for Ya-Na’s funeral


The Andani Royal family has declared the 4th January to  the 18th as the period of mourning in Dagbon for the late Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani.

In compliance with the 3 eminent chiefs’ road-map to peace, the family appealed to Dagombas to observe the solemn period as such.

The funeral rite of the late overlord of Dagbon is expected to commence tomorrow with the shaving of the heads of his children.

Ahead of the scheduled date, family elders, chiefs, friends and sympathizers of the Andani family have pitched camps in the ancient town of Yendi.

The Andani family is also making passionate appeals to editors and correspondents of the various media houses to uphold quality and high standards in their reportage to make the funeral successful.

It assured journalists and media houses interested in covering the funeral that accreditation will be made available and also, resource persons will be on standby to provide any clarification the media may need.

Chairman of the Andani Youth Association, Alhaji Anass Abdulai who briefed the media in Tamale on behalf the family’s spokesperson Vo-Naa, said the family have been assured of adequate security throughout the process.

He told the media that the Vo-Na who doubles as chairman of the funeral planning left for Accra last week.

He regretted that since 1953, the performances of Dagbon overlords funerals had always involved governments and committees. The development, he said, is alien to Dagbon customs and traditions. The exigencies of Dagbon today brought about government and mediation committee’s involvement.


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