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Child Marriage still a big deal in Ghana, needs urgent attention – Alhaji Razak Saani

Northern Regional NCCE Director, Alhaji Abdul Razak Saani

Northern Regional Director for National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Alhaji Abdul Razak Saani has called for the reduction of child marriage by 2030.

According to him, child marriage holds girls back, depriving them of their health, education and a chance to prosper.

He said this at a forum to launch a project in Tamale aimed at reducing child marriage drastically.

The project dubbed; ‘’A24Y’’ (After 24 Years before marriage) aims at supporting and empowering 100 girl children and 100 parents, to compliment the efforts of making girl-child education paramount to higher levels through mutual agreements.

The forum was organized by WUZDA-Ghana in partnership with Mundo Cooperate. The National Strategic Framework on Ending Child Marriage by 2030 requires stakeholders to play their roles effectively to ensure the national dream is realized.

Ghana has one of the highest child marriage prevalence rates in the world, showing that on average, one out of four girls are married before their 18th birthday.

At the regional level, previous surveys gave the indication that prevalence is highest in Upper East (50%), followed by Upper West (39%), Northern (36%) and the least prevalence in Greater Accra (11%).

In terms of percentages of girls getting married before age 18 years Upper East region leads with 39%, followed by Western region 37% and the least being Greater Accra region with 12%.

This trend in the statistics emphasizes that child, early and forced marriage is a huge problem in Ghana hence the need to develop strategies that will address it.

By: Bawumia Kasiru

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