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Global Shea Alliance declears July 16th as Shea nut month

The Global Shea Alliance(GSA) has announced July 16, 2020 as the shea Month in all 7 west African countries that collect and proccss shea nuts.

The alliance says the day is designed to mobilize about 1 million stakeholders to plant about 10million trees.
Managing Director of Global Share Alliance, Mr  Aeron Adu  announced this at Sorogu in the Sagnarigu Municipality when the American Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie Sullivan  innuagurated  shea nuts processing facility and warehouse.

Mr Aeron said across 7 countries in West Africa, GSA members and USAID are working to improve the living conditions of rural communities and preserve the local
The GSA he added is working with nearly  16million women collectors   in 21 countries in Africa and about 600,000 are  in Ghana.

With USAID support, the GSA sustainability program (launched in 2014) has so
far donated almost 200 warehouses and formed cooperatives around the
warehouses benefiting over 160,000 women collectors across 7 countries in West Africa.
Several shea butter processing centers he said have been constructed.
The partnership between the GSA and USAID on the Sustainable Shea Initiative
(SSI) Mr Aeron said has, so far, returned impressive outcomes, increasing women’s income by over 50%.
The GSA sustainability program Mr Aeron explained works through public private partnership (PPP).

The fully-equipped Sorogu shea butter processing facility he said was   shea  was constructed with  financing from Burt’s Bees, an American cosmetics brand, Savannah Fruits
Company and GSA through USAID as part of the program.

The GSA members notes  recognized the benefits of a win-win approach to developmental
interventions such as this, as it   secures supply and provide consistent demand.

The Tiyumtaba Women Shea Cooperative Mr Aeron said do not need to look for market to sell
their shea butter because the market is guaranteed as part of the project.
He pleaded with the community members to culvate the habit of protecting shea trees.

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