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Come home and develop your own district-Gushegu MCE to diaspora


Stop building skyscrapers in other municipalities and come home, that’s the appeal from the newly elevated Gushegu Municipal Chef Executive, Mr. Musah Issah to indigenes both in  Ghana and abroad.

The first MCE for Gushegu say such practice by indigenes residing in other municipalities wasn’t helpful because is rather developing other assemblies to the detriment of their own.

“I am encouraging those of you in diaspora to do well and visit home regularly. Please do well to bring all your storey-buildings and skyscrapers here to Gushiegu; we need to improve our environment,” he said, adding that it is an investment that can be possible only if natives start putting up beautiful houses here instead of Tamale and Accra.

Gushegu Municipal Chief Executive made the appeal when he addressed chiefs and people in the area during the inauguration of the assembly’s elevation to municipal status at the fore court of the assembly. The assembly was among four assemblies elevated to the municipal status in the northern region by the government.

The Gushegu MCE said his municipality population was far from the 95,00 required number to attain municipal status. The population of Gushegu is estimated at 142,412. In terms of infrastructure, Gushiegu has a district hospital, two health centers and several CHIPs centers. Unlike many rural districts,  Gushiegu has an ambulance, about 9 motor-king ambulance providers to serve the hard-reach communities.

The Regent of Gushiegu, Yakubu Bawa Abdulai, said traditional rulers in the area have a lot of expectations from the new municipality. He added, “We don’t want desperate measures but rather concise measures to detail with our problems.”

Poverty and unemployment, the regent said, was the major problems confronting the area. We have natural resources such as hydrocarbons and clinker deposits in the Gushiegu traditional area. We need at least 3 cement factories.” He also wants the major palaces to be upgraded to befit the chiefs.

The chiefs are aware that some officials at the assembly are taking revenue in the name of renovating the palaces but do not it, the regent alleged. “The road network is terrible and the assembly must step in.”

Former DCE, Mangul Naa, assured that they are still available to assist and elders in the municipality to develop the area. Both current and past political leadership will play their respective roles, he added.

“Listen to the people you are serving and don’t turn deaf ears to the people,” the Mangul Lana advised.

The former MP, Alhaji Hudu Iddrisu stressed the need a peaceful environment so that meaningful development can take place. The people must exercise patience for their share of the national cake, he pleaded.





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