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Cultivating Empowerment and Leadership in women and girls has always been my focus, Zosimli Naa II


The Zosimli Naa II, Dr. Ife Bell Tipag’ya has indicated that the passion and desire for gender empowerment during her early days in Tamale, was to champion the cause of women. She said one of her focuses was cultivating empowerment and leadership in women and girls through a series of programs and activities. 

She noted one of the many ways was to Pursue Her Leadership Path Women’s Conference which has provided over 150 young new career-age women with the chance to engage with global women thought leaders and speakers.

The Zosimli Naa II, Dr. Ife Bell Tipag’ya who made these comments in a Facebook post added “Together we authentically empowered and equipped participants to lead in their workplaces, families, and community for their tomorrow”.

“We didn’t stop there. Along the way, we engaged 1000s more including the students from the Zosimli Naa Girls Jr. High School, Miss Damba 2022 & 2021 the women of Tamale Sister Cities, and countless others. Each moment whether facilitating a training, giving the keynote address, sitting in-state at the palace, talking with the wives of the chiefs or riding in the car no matter how big or small I seized the opportunity. Empowerment is often seen as a one-way exchange; this couldn’t be further from authentic. I was equally empowered by these interactions” Dr. Ife Bell Tipag’ya stressed.

The Zosimli Naa II, mentioned the World Affairs Council of Kentucky, the Sister Accord, Royal Transportation and Logistics, and SOS International as generous partners and commended them for continuing to support the work

SOURCE: Mohammed Lukuman

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