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Demand Affirmative Action on equitable distribution of state resources says the CEO of Star-Ghana Foundation


The CEO of Star-Ghana Foundation, Mr. Ibrahim Tanko Amidu,

The Chief Executive Officer of Star-Ghana Foundation, Amidu Ibrahim Tanko has called on Ghanaians to demand Affirmative Action on equitable distribution of state resources.

According to him, while advocating for the passage of Affirmative Action Bill into law to ensure gender equity, there is the need for advocates to demand for resources to be shared evenly.

Speaking on the Topic Inclusive Governance at a day’s NORSAAC forum on the December 17 referendum, Mr Tanko expressed worry about politicians concentrating on what he described as incentive projects.

These projects he noted are used by politicians to cavanse for votes.  He also warned of dire consequences on profligate and expensive campaign in both local and national elections especially among the two major political parties (NPP and NDC).

He explained that the expensive and extravagant campaign serves as barriers to inclusive governance.

Another big issue bedeviling Ghana’s development he noted, is the year policy cycles and 4 years development planning of political parties in government.

Mr Tanko said it brings back the country’s progress and countries such as Singapore he explained are developed today because they did not start on that tangent.

Over concentration of projects in urban areas to the detriment of rural areas he bemoaned is another major challenge confronting the development of the country.

The development expert made it clear that there is no way Ghana can develop without Northern Ghana and called on the authorities to ensure all the bottlenecks holding the north back be addressed.

He appealed to Chiefs and NGOs in the region to combine forces to ensure that Affirmative Action Bill is passed into law.

He suggested that policy makers think of long term development plan immediately after the referendum in December 17.

On the role of citizens, Mr Tanko encouraged citizens to take active part in what goes on in their localities.  The Star-Ghana Foundation CEO said the only way to ensure Ghana’s democracy works and strives is through inclusive governance.


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