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Do not sell your integrity to politicians- Bagzaa Naa to Chiefs

Bagzaa Naa Alhassan Issahaku

A traditional ruler Bagzaa Naa Alhassan Issahaku has advised traditional authorities not to sell their integrity to politicians.

According to him, a traditional ruler should be independent in performing his activities considering the fact that the country needs good and responsible rulers.

‘’We should not sell our integrity to politicians because a politician cannot feed you and this is also because you are supposed to feed yourself and feed others, and even if you are not able to feed yourself you have your subjects around who can feed you’’.

Speaking in an interview with Zaa news, Bagzaa Naa indicated that traditional rulers are role models in a community, responsible for the overall growth of a community, and should not be taken for granted.

He said politicians who are of the habit of involving chiefs in soliciting for votes from electorates will have to rethink and go back to the drawing board for the right thing to be done.

Chief Bagzaa naa further noted that the powers and independence of traditional authorities are limited based on political interference and asked that politicians allow them to work in their space.

He also appealed to traditional rulers to desist from taking bribes or asking for favour from politicians since that is a barrier to effective community development. He cautioned politicians to desist from influencing activities of traditional rulers.

‘’If you want to win a traditional authority over because you are looking for votes you are telling lies, because I think the social system should rather inform the electorates what to do’’,  he stressed.

By: Lilian D. Walter

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