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4,884 voters added to Tolon EC register

Mr Enoch Danso Aygakum -Tolon EC District Director

A total of 4,884 new voters have been added to the Tolon District voter register after the Electoral Commission limited registration exercise for citizens who attained 18 years or were not registered voters. This bring to 60,726 the total number of registered voters in Tolon Constituency.

According to the Tolon District EC Director, Mr. Enoch Danso Agyakum, twenty newly registered voters were however challenged for their eligibility and only three were able to prove that they were really qualified.

The names of the remaining 17 who could not prove their eligibility were added to the exception list because they can’t take part in any election until the five years ban is lifted.

During the EC voter exhibition exercise, Mr Agyakum disclosed that 63.4% of the register voters turned out during the voter exhibition to check their names. 52 deceased people names he said were recorded and their names deleted while 13 names were found on a multiple list.

The 13 he noted challenged the EC decision and appeared before a district registration officer before three people names were restored to the register.

One hundred and twenty two (122) people the district director said transferred their votes from other districts to Tolon. The EC director said the register could go up or go down because some registered voters might have also transferred their votes from Tolon to other areas.

Speaking at a Special Town Hall Meeting at Tolon on the EC’s preparedness towards December 17th referendum and District Assemblies elections, Mr Agyakum disclosed that a total of 59 candidates filed to contest in 24 electoral areas in Tolon.

Of the number, only 2 were women. Also, 169 filed to contest unit committee elections with only 4 women. Two electoral areas – Kambonayili and Nabogu have been excluded in the assembly election because only person filed at Kambonayili and Nabogu.

On December 17th,eligible voters will vote in 113 polling stations for assembly elections. Twenty (24) polling stations Mr Enoch said have been identified as hot spots or flash points. The EC will mount platform for candidates on 20th November. In all, 24,300 register voters representing 40% are expected to come out in Tolon and vote to say YES if they want assembly elections not to be partisan.

For the unit committee elections, every voter has five choices. However, voters has only one choice in the case of the assembly and the referendum.

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