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“Don’t interfere when we try to crack the whip,” Police CID pleads


The interim chairman of the newly reconstituted Behisung TaskForce, which literally means ‘Good Behavior Advisory Committee, Chief Inspector Ibrahim Otto Okai has welcomed the assembly’s decision to help in ensuring greater parental discipline in Tamale.

The Taskforce constituted by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TaMA), Chief Inspector Okai says, will augment the strength of the police who in terms of numbers and resources are challenged.

Inspector Okai who is also head of the  metropolitan Criminal Investigating Department (CID) said technological advancement has made tracking of criminals in Tamale very difficult, and he is positive that with the support of the task force, the police can now deal with criminals.

The committee will do its best but opinion leaders and the committee members must desist from interference when any member of their families, acquaintances or close relations fall foul of the law, he pleaded.

The committee, Chief Inspector Okai said, will on regular basis, consult all assembly members about the happenings in their electoral areas.

He pleaded with all assembly members to educate the people to conduct themselves well when the police is carrying out their duties to ensure that all parents are held accountable and responsible for their children.

Lamenting on the attacks of women accused of being witches, he said ignorant residents are now turning their anger on the police any time they answer distress calls to rescue people alleged to have been witches.

When anybody is attacked, it’s the duty of the police to protect lives and property, but some residents have made the police their targets by venting their anger on them, he lamented.

Recounting the events of attacks on alleged witches, Mr. Okai said he came to the northern region from James town in Accra in 2004 and his duty is to help maintain peace but he is getting disappointed at the behavior of some people.

“It may be recalled that last week, police were attacked at Gbulahagu community when they attempted rescuing an alleged witch whose house was set ablaze, our vehicle were shot at and vandalized,” he said.

Tamale metro police, he pointed out, had only one car and it has been destroyed, when the police retaliate it will be disastrous and people must know that.

He continued: “Already the northern regional police is handicapped by the lack of resources and negative acts such as attacking the police are counterproductive and unwarranted. The police have not said there is no witchcraft, we believe it exists in Africa as well as in the rest of the world, and a University in Zimbabwe has a course that studies witchcraft.”


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