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As part of the vision of Ghana National Fire Service (G.N.F.S) to prevent and managed undesired fires, a team of personnel lead by the regional operations officer who doubles as the officer in-charge (O.I.C) of RHQ, SUB-STATION, D.O III CHARLES TISONG embarked on fire prevention and safety awareness exercise at various shops in Nyohini.

The people were sensitized on the need to have proper wiring systems by using good electrical materials, changing outdated or damaged sockets done by certified electricians, input off and unplug electrical appliances when not in use and when in use, one’s attention should be on the appliance especially high voltage gadgets like water heaters, microwave, rice cooker, the need to Install both passive and active fire prevention systems, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke and heat detectors, the need to acquire fire extinguisher, it’s operation and maintenance was elaborated as fire extinguisher is term as a first aid equipment therefore the need to know it’s operations among others.

In a statement issued by RHQ, SUB- STATION PR TEAM REP, Soale Hamza Kanamu, some basic techniques in managing fire whiles waiting for the arrival of fire service were also shared. Key in that aspect was putting off the main switch in the building and remove the cutout, using fire extinguish, isolating or staving the burning fire if the need be and blanketing the burning surface with any readily preventable material.

 The team of officers also emphasized on hazards of fire which could result to loss of life and properties.

The team indicated that if one cannot manage any small fire, he/she should run out from the structure and call fire service for assistance as soon as possible.

 Kindly call fire service northern region emergency numbers 192/112 or direct lines 0299340968/0505622850 in time.

They however urged residents to desist from prank calls.

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