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Fix our road for us-Nanton-Kpawumo residents to Government


 Residents of Nanton- Kpawumo in the Sagnarigu Constituency have appealed to government to fix the only road linking the community to the central business district of Tamale. They say the terrible nature of the road is affecting businesses, since farmers cannot transport the produce to Tamale central market. According to them, the road is not motor able anytime it rains.
The situation the community members say affects children’s attendance in school. They say several children and women have been swept away by the water that blocks the bridge of the main road.
‘’Children who attempt to cross the road to school are usually carried away by the water any time there is a rain and this has instill fears in them such that they don’t want to go to school. Our women too fall in the water with food stuff when they are going to the grinding mail. We have lost many our wives and children on this road, so we are pleading with government to help fix the road for us, a resident laments.
The Nanton- Kpawumo community has buildings owned by influential people in society, yet the road linking it to the regional capital is in a bad state. They have however called on opinion leaders, government and well to do individuals to come to their aid. They made these known to Zaa news when a team of field officers from the Sagnarigu Assembly’s Department of social welfare and community development visited the community for a child protection sensitization.
They also want the assembly to provide the community with a toilet facility, grinding mail and portable water. They also want financial institutions to support them with capital to establish businesses to enable them cater for their children in school.
‘’We don’t have money to establish ourselves, so we are urging government and financial institution or anyone who can give us some money to start our businesses to take care of our children’’, a woman stressed.
By: Lilian D. Walter/

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