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Girl beats lover for circulating her nude pictures

A young man believed to be in his 20s was subjected to serious beatings by his fiancé in Tamale over circulation of her nude pictures.

The angry young lady surrounded by heavily built men was seen in a video that has since gone viral hitting her lover in the face.

 A nude video of the girl lying face down in her boyfriend’s room went viral on social media over the weekend sparking her anger.

The video in possession of Zaa news, suggests the two might have finished making love and the girl felt asleep. 

The video per the reaction of the girl seems to have been taken without her consent. After the girl got her copy from friends, she got angry and decided to pay her boyfriend back in a more humiliating and embarrassing manner.

The angry young lady was seen exhibiting her boxing skills on the face of her lover who is heard pleading with her for forgiveness.

The angry lover was heard asking her boyfriend what crime had she committed that warranted her nude pictures taken and shared among friends.

It is not clear the young man’s intentions for taking his girlfriend’s nude pictures. However, he focused his camera on the backside of his lover for reasons best known to him.

People who have watched the said video suggested that the young lady should have rather resorted to legal means to deal with her fiancé instead of meting out instant justice.




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