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Household latrine awareness

Residents of Tamale will have a second chance to escape prosecution by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly. This is because the Assembly in collaboration with its partners is giving the opportunity to those who do not have toilet facilities in their homes to do so with their support.

Tamale Metro in collaboration with INTAGRAD has partnered with two rural banks, Tizaa Rural bank and Bonzali Rural bank to loan every individual within Tamale Metro who wants to construct a toilet facility in the home but do not have the funds. They have also secured artisans who will construct the toilets in various designs per the cost and choice of individuals.

For one to qualify for the loan you need a guarantor who should be a salary earner or the individual must have an asset which can be used as collateral. Loan repayment takes a period of twelve (12) months with only 12 percent interest. They are therefore encouraging people of Tamale to go in for the loans by writing their names with their area Assembly members or register at Tamale Metropolitan Assembly as well as visit the INTAGRAD office located at Vittin.

The assembly and its partners brought up this initiative to aid residents and to repudiate people who cite lack of funds as an excuse for not constructing toilets in their homes. The initiative forms part of several efforts by various stakeholders to end open defecation in the region.

Over the weekends, INTAGRAD, a WASH stakeholder in the region took to the streets to sensitize the public on the need to build toilets in their homes as well as to create their awareness on the new initiative by TMA. The public is also reminded that after the sensitization and awareness creation, individuals who still do not have latrines in their homes will be prosecuted by a sanitation court set up by TMA.  Mr. Sanusi Issahaku is the urban CLTS program coordinator at INTAGRAD.

By: Jonas Biawuribi

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