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Include training duration in your agreements- NCCE Director advises tailors &dress makers association

The Northern Regional Director of Natiornal Commission for Civi Education (NCCE  Alhaji Abdul Razak Shani has advised the tailors and hair dressers association in the northern region to factor the duration of training into the agreement parents and apprentices signed.

Alhaji Razak was commenting on a Young Urban Women survey findings on economic and sexual exploitation of apprentices which emphasized the need to spell out the role of parents in the agreements signed with the consent of the apprentices and in the presence of the parents.

He told the parents and their masters that he was happy that about 92% of the survey indicated that there was agreement signed but details and understanding of the agreement should also be taken seriously.

He further advised that such agreements should be written not oral. This, he said will bind every party legally for a congenial working atmosphere. He entreated the two associations to include clauses that will help prevent abuse of apprentices by the masters.

The NCCE director pleaded with master trainers not to take the young urban women findings personal and start victimizing apprentices but rather see it as a way to help them properly train the young women.

The findings he explained was to find a conducive and peaceful environment for both trainers and their apprentices. The Regional Labor Officer was happy that some apprentices signed agreements before they start learning the skills.

He was however not happy that details of the agreement were not explained to the apprentices before they signed with their masters . Disagreement between apprentices and their masters are supposed to go for settlement but they don’t do that. He encouraged them to always utilize the labor office.

The Senior Public Education Officer Education and Investigator at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Mr Inusah Iddrisu blamed the unhealthy relationship between some apprentices and their masters to the lukewarm attitudes some apprentice exhibit during the training process.

He also attributed the animosity among masters and the apprentices to some masters who he said deliberately delay in passing out senior apprentices.

According to him, they do so because the role they play at the shop was crucial and beneficial to them and advised that it should be a mutual  agreement beneficial to both parties.

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