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Konkomba youth shocked at Chereponi communal violence, calls for cease fire

The Konkomba Youth Association (KOYA) has registered its displeasure at the ethnic clashes currently taking place between the Anufus and their neighbours, the Konkombas.

KOYA said that Chokosis are their brothers and they lived together peacefully in the then Saboba-Chereponi district and never had any misunderstanding to this extent.

The Konkomba youth said they are shocked by the current development between the two tribes, but admitted that recently the Anufus and the Konkombas had a misunderstanding over a piece of land during the farming season last year in June which resulted in the death of two Konkombas and the burning down of all their properties (foodstuff, clothing, shelter, motor bikes among others).

KOYA in a statement signed by its National President, Charles Nyojah said the unfortunate incident took the Chereponi district security council and the Konkomba youth Association to calm tension and put the situation under control.

This, KOYA said, led to peaceful co-existence between the two tribes and business as usual had picked between them. According to KOYA, two Chokosi youth said to be laborers in Nigeria, returned home and paid a visit to the cemetery without permission, apparently to pay respect to their love ones, but were chased away.

According to KOYA, the incident infuriated the Chokosis, who armed themselves and laid an ambush. Unbeknownst to passers-by who went to buy pigs for their New Year celebration from the Saboba district and happened to be Konkombas the armed Chokosis opened gun fire on them seriously injuring  two near a Chokosi community called Naburku, KOYA statement claimed.

The two assailants fled the scene without their motor bikes, the statement added. The Association is therefore appealing to the Togolese government to restrain her Chokosi citizens from crossing into Ghana to fight Konkombas. It also called on all Konkombas engaged in the conflict to give peace a chance.

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