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Leave Nanton throne for the rightful occupant, DPAC to Zoosali Lana

Dagbong Peace Advisory Committee has advised Zoosal Lana Haruna Tia to stop parading himself as Nanton Naa and immediately vacate the town for the rightful occupant.

According to the committee, Zoosal Lana’s occupancy to the Nanton throne is against the customs and tradition of Dagbon.

The committee in a communique said, the decision by Zoosali Lana to unilaterally occupy the throne is uncustomary and alien to Dagbon customs and traditions and urged the public not to regard him as chief of Nanton.

They noted that, his occupancy of the throne is a threat to Dagbon peace and Nanton in particular and therefore advised him to leave the throne to avert any possible confusion.

The communique also added that, section 63 (a) of the chieftaincy ACT 2008, ACT 759 which make such actions criminal would be enforced to have him out of the town if he refuses to leave.

It also called on the Northern Regional Security Council, REGSEC to take up the matter by enforcing the law to get a lasting solution.

The Dagbon Peace Committee is made up of five prominent chiefs in Dagbon, Naayab Kumbun Naa Yiri II, chairman, Naayab Tolon Naa, vice chair, Naayab Sunson Naa, member, Naabapra Mion Lana, member and Naayab Diari Lana member.


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