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Let carpenters repair your roofs-GMA advises residents in the north


Motorists in the northern region have been advised to seek shelter whenever they are on the road. The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) which issued the caution said the best safety measure for motor bike riders and drivers is to park at places where there are no trees or high tension electrical poles.

The head of the forecasting unity at the agency, Mr. Joseph Portuphy, in an interview with Zaa News, said that failure to adhere to this could lead to lightening and thunder strikes. Mr Portuphy pointed out that tall structures attract lightening and motorists should avoid them.

He explained further that, because the temperatures are high, coming storms will be severe and will be accompanied by strong winds and continuous thunder activities.

He entreated communities to get back home from wherever they are and as quickly as time would allow. He also admonished residents whose roofs are weak to hire carpenters to repair them before any storm. The northern part of the country, Mr. Portuphy said, is savannah area and it has no wind breaks , thus exposing buildings to wind storms.

The raining season Mr Portuphy has not started yet in the north but has started in the south and in the middle belt.

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