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Make the hospital your second home; bio-chemist dietician

A Bio-chemist Dietician at Fit and smart Consultancy in Tamale, Mr. Divine Elicophie is requesting that people especially patients get regular check-ups to help stay on top of their health. He highlighted the importance of prevention, as a means to reduce the number of patients requiring medical treatment.

According to him, regular check-up can help find potential health issues before they become a problem. He stressed that seeing a doctor regularly, ensures early detection of health conditions which gives the best chance for getting the right treatment quickly, and avoiding any complications.

Mr Divine observed that by getting the correct health services, screening and treatment one is taking important step towards living a longer and healthier life. The benefits of regular check-ups according to Mr. Elicophie reduces the risk of getting sick, detect potentially life-threatening health conditions early, increase chances for treatment and cure, limit risk of compilations by closely monitoring existing conditions among others.

He said it also reduces healthcare costs over time by avoiding costly medical services, get updated on new medical information or technologies that are available. He is not impressed about the attitude of some people visiting the facilities at the worst stage of their conditions. He therefore advised the general public to always visit the hospital on time to avoid further complications.

By: Lilian Walter Daborikuu

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