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make use of extension officers around you, farmers urged


Agric Extension officer for Kpano and Kpanduli in the Nantong District, Baba Ali Seidu has advised farmers to protect themselves when using agro-chemicals on their farms.

“Please wear the right costume when using the agro chemicals because the chemicals are very important in the farming activities and also dangerous when farmers are exposed to this chemicals.”

 He said the use of chemicals is very important in farming activities but also have negative effects to farmers when they are exposed to this chemicals. He urged farmers to apply fertilizer, and control weeds at the right time to achieve high yield since soil infertility and bushy farms affect the growth of crops in the farms.

“Please I want to appeal to farmers to apply fertilizer and also control weeds at the right time in order to achieve high yield since bushy farms and soil infertility affect the growth of crops.”

Mr. Ali appealed to farmers to buy agriculture inputs such as fertilizers, insecticides and all farm inputs from certified dealers and also read and follow the directive on how to use the chemicals. He added that, farmers should always get in touch with extension officers in their respective districts any time they have problems with regards to their farms.

He also caution farmers to desist from broadcasting as method of sowing because it affects the germination of seeds when not properly done. He made this known when green leaf project by farm radio international with funding from CRS implemented by Zaa Radio and MOFA visited the communities to find out whether farmers put into practice the knowledge imparted on them by agric extension officers.

Source: Ghana/Tamale/ BAWUMIA KASIRU.

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