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Northern regional minister encourages youth to venture into agriculture

The Northern regional minister Salifu Sa-eed has encouraged the youth to venture into agriculture. According to him, agriculture should be every country’s priority regardless of the cost associated with it and the youth venturing into it will reduce the unemployment situation in the country. He said it is also the bed rock of every country’s economic development of which the NPP government have demonstrated in rolling out the flagship policy, planting for food and job. This he said will ensure there is enough food throughout the year in the country and the surplus left will be used to supply the upcoming one district, one factory programme. According to him, majority of the factories ear marked to be established in the three regions of the north will be agro based industries. The minister also challenged investors to set up their businesses in the region since the region is currently peaceful to accommodate investors which will in turn lead to the development of the entire northern region. Mr Saeed appealed to the agric ministry to assist farmers in the region with farming equipment to facilitate farming in the region and as well encourage all year farming. He was speaking at the launch of the 8th Annual pre-harvest agribusiness conference and exhibition event in Tamale on the theme; ‘Transforming agribusiness in northern Ghana, the future is now.’ The minister also seized the occasion to announce that the northern region will be hosting the 2018 National Farmers Day in December. The pre-harvest conference and exhibition he says is a strategic event that should be supported and encouraged to become a prominent tool for driving agribusiness in Ghana to its fullest potential.


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