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President of GNAFF calls for government’s support to women in agriculture

President of the Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen (GNAFF), Jasehene Nene Terkpetey Agblezey I has called on government to support women in agriculture especially the poultry farming industry in the three regions of the north. According to him, a country without agriculture is a dead country hence the need for government to invest in the sector for an improved economy. He said farming is the root to the growth of every country’s economy and must be taken seriously and farmers must work collaboratively to improve production. Jasehene Nene Terkpetey who was speaking to the media after the inauguration of Women in Poultry Value chain (WEPVAC) association in Tamale also called for peace and unity among farming groups in the country to better present their grievances to government for assistance. He commended women for venturing into the agriculture  sector . According to him, 99 percent of the farm work are done by women starting from cultivation to selling in the market and government should give them that support especially to the small scale farmers. The board consists of poultry farmers from the three regions of the north. Its target is to beat down the importation of foreign chicken in the country and as well help the country in the production of poultry. The president of the association assured Ghanaians of hard work and commitment from the executives to improve the local poultry sector and make the consumption local chicken and eggs attractive to consumers. According to her, the association in the years to come expects majority of Ghanaians to consume local chicken and eggs rather than concentrating on the imported ones.  The setting up of the board was part of activities of the 8th Annual Pre-harvest Agribusiness conference and exhibition event in Tamale. Minister of state at the Presidency in charge of Food and Agriculture Dr Nurah Gyiele who inaugurated the association says he expects better co-ordination among actors within the value chain.


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