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Nurse rapes patient on sickbed

A male nurse on duty has raped a first-year student of the Northern School of Business in Tamale on her sickbed at the school’s sickbay, school authorities said.

The girl (name withheld) was sick and reported to the school sickbay but the school nurse took advantage of her condition and allegedly raped her while classes were ongoing. The incident which happened on the 11th of July 2019, was reported to school’s authorities, but no action was taken.

School authorities identified the nurse as Yussif and said he left the facility after the incident which is currently without a nurse. When Zaa News contacted the assistant headmaster in charge of administration at the school, Mr Alidu, he admitted that the incident happened at the facility.

He said the nurse had confessed to school authorities about his crime.  In a phone call to Zaa News later, Mr. Alidu said the headmaster strongly objected to his discussion of the issue with the radio station. The headmaster wanted everything kept under wraps, confidential, Mr. Alidu added.

He also stated that school authorities had reported the case to the Sagnarigu Health Directorate to handle since the directorate is responsible for posting nurses to the facility. Meanwhile, Zaa News contacted the Sagnarigu Health Director and he denied any knowledge of the case.

By: Jonas Biawurbi

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