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Insults, Invective And Innuendos? Gabby Otchere Darko Claims He Is Tired Of Them All

Gabby Otchere Darko, the third most powerful individual in the country, is complaining of fatigue; he says he is tired of the name-calling, the ugly insults and the dripping scorn from those who hate his guts.

He laments that the unrelenting vitriol that is constantly directed at him, all because he is so close to the presidency, is an Akuffo Addo confidante and he is a behind the scene-power broker bar none, has done a number on him, that is,  worn him down completely. I am exhausted he shamelessly claimed on his Facebook page.

If you have ever thought of anything arrogant and deceptive, this is it.

From all indications, Mr. Otchere apparently is upset, very miffed by the insinuations advanced by Kevin Taylor, a virulent but acerbic critic of the NPP that he Otchere and his sidekick, Ace Ankomah, were involved neck deep in the arrest and imprisonment of NAM One to hide their corruption.

Nobody knows for sure if the charges leveled against Otchere by Taylor are anything of substance or have been verified by a third party, but as the adage goes, there is no smoke without fire.

So, obviously, Taylor is onto something; look, I don’t know the dude, Kevin Taylor,  who plies his trade on FACEBOOK,  but I doubt he will shoot darts at — falsely accuse powerful figures like Otchere and Ghana’s number one braggart Ace Ankomah without concrete, irrefutable evidence

The hypocrisy here is stunning. If Mr. Otchere is feeling the heat in the kitchen and can’t bear it any longer, he should step out and ride into the sunshine. Ghanaians will sing in chorus: GOOD RIDDANCE MR. OTCHERE.

He could have avoided the avalanche of disrespect, criticism and scorn if only he had stayed in his law offices and kept a respectable distance from the corridors of power despite his cousin, Nana Addo being in the powerful seat.

But Mr. Otchere sought the political limelight, the influence and the wealth that come with being close to the most powerful individual in the nation. Criticism comes with the territory and good old, Mr. Gabby Otchere should have been acutely aware of this dynamic.

We all remember the venom, the poison that this particular gentleman spewed when his cousin’s party was in opposition and John Mahama was directing the affairs of the nation. Mr. Otchere used the medium of his newspaper, the Statesman, to rain insults on Mahama and the NDC. He had an agenda, and that was to put his cousin into the highest office in the land.

Together with Ace Ankomah, Occupy Ghana and Let My Vote Count, two despicable so-called pressure groups, Mr. Otchere “went to town” on the former president unceasingly, nonstop. But now that the tables are turned, Mr. Otchere is crying foul. He is nothing but mendacious.

Hello there Mr. Otchere, politics is a blood sport and my simple instruction, admonition is this: develop a thick skin because Ghanaians will come after you; they will continue to hammer away at your rank hypocrisy, greed and self-delusion.



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