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One person arrested in Nantong Chieftancy saga

One person has been arrested in connection with the brutal attack on two subjects of the paramount chief of Nanton traditional area, Nanton Naa Mohammed Bawa, Northern Regional Police Command said Tuesday. The victims, Amadu Suleimana and Alhassan Andani were initially rushed to the Savelugu hospital for initial treatment.

The suspect, identified as Mr. Shani Ibrahim, according to the police was detained since yesterday to assist police with investigations.

The two elders who were attacked were sent by the Nanton Naa Bawa to Batangyili but were ambushed at Sandu by persons yet to be identified. Northern regional police Public Relations Officer, DSP Mohammed Yussif Tanko told the media that police rescue team escorted the victims to the regional CID office before they were sent to the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

The victims according to DSP Yussif Tanko has since been treated and discharged.

By: Mohammed Ibrahim

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