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“We can’t continue like this” – Yellow Yellow drivers cry over hike in fuel prices

Tricycle drivers (yellow yellow drivers) in the Tamale Metropolis have expressed their displeasure about the abrupt increase in fuel prices in the country.

According to the tricycle drivers, the constant increment will leave them no choice but to once again increase transportation fares. “The continuous increase in fuel prices will make us increase the transport fares even though it will be difficult for passengers to understand. This is the only business we get money from at the moment. Within three months, they have increased the prices twice already. We can’t continue like this,” a driver said.

Explaining that driving a tricycle was their only source of income and that the constant increment affects them drastically, the yellow-yellow drivers appealed to government to come to their aid by reducing fuel prices.

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers-Ghana predicted fuel price increments ahead of the Christmas festivities in the second pricing window of the month, if the Ghana Cedi continues to slump against the US Dollar.

It raised concerns about a 1% increment in average pump prices for petrol and diesel which the institution said it noticed on Friday, 7 December 2019 across the major Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in the country.

COPEC-Ghana said prior to the increments, the price was GHS 5.360/ litre for both petrol and diesel. However, there has been an increase of 5 pesewas shooting the prices to GHS 5.410/ litre or GHS 24.345/ gallon for both petrol and diesel.

By: Yasmine Kanton 

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