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Paramount Chief of Mion Traditional Area bans bush burning and indiscriminate felling of trees in Mion


The Paramount Chief of Mion Traditional Area Abdulai Mahamadu has banned bush burning and indiscriminate felling of trees in Mion. He says the ban is expected to complement the government’s efforts to restore the depleted forest core of the country by initially planting five million trees a day.
He has therefore tasked all his sub-chiefs in the area to monitor to ensure that the ban is strictly enforced. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo announced the Green Ghana Project in the 2021 State of the Nation Address in March to mobilize Ghanaians for an aggressive nationwide tree planting exercise.
Earlier this month, there was a durbar to mark the celebrations of the “Green Ghana Project” at the Gbewaa Palace which was replicated in other areas including Mion District.
Speaking to Zaa News at his Palace in Mion, Naa Bapir’ Mion Lana warns punitive sanctions will be meted out to miscreants who flout the ban and burn bushes or indiscriminately cut down trees. He spoke in Dagbanli. Naa Bapir’ Mion Lana encouraged the general public to plant and nurture to maturity seedlings of different species as an aggressive measure to preserve the country’s forest cover and the environment to curb climate change and its debilitating impact.
Meanwhile the Paramount Chief of Mion Traditional Area Abdulai Mahamadu has commended Zabzugu Limited, operators of Zaa Radio for the introduction of Zaa TV. He says Zaa Radio over the years has exhibited ethical standards and professionalism with its programmes focusing on the culture and tradition of Dagbon. This he says has contributed immensely to the promotion of Dagbon culture and tradition leading to an improved image on the international front.
Naa Bapir’ Mion Lana who was speaking to Zaa News’ Saani Mohammed Lukman at his palace advises the owners of the newly introduced Zaa TV to endeavor to tailor programmes to project the beautiful culture of Dagbon and promote the limited tourist sites of the area to boost economic activities. He pledges to support the Zaa Radio and TV brands to promote peace and unity in Dagbon.          By: Saani Mohammed Lukman

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