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Protect donkeys-NGO urges gov’t


Development and Environmental Protection Organization, an NGO, has called on the northern regional coordinating council and the West Mamprusi Municipal Assembly not to succumb to any pressure to reopen the donkey skin processing factory in Walewale.

The NGO said the government decision to close down the factory was a good move and any attempt to reopen factory could cause serious economic difficulties among the peasant farmers in the area.

According to the NGO, since the establishment of the factory in Walewale, the stealing of donkeys has increased and owners of donkeys have also be deceived to sell their donkeys only to regret their decisions later.

It attributed the situation to what they said are Chinese trained agents who have invaded the area and succeeded in convincing a number donkey owners to sell their herds.

This, it said, is worrying and needs serious attention by local authorities. The Chief Executive of the  Development and Environmental Protection Organization, Mr. Amadu Hudu told Zaa News that residents in Walewale, Savelugu and other towns where donkeys are still providing critical service must protect the animals because their daily contribution cannot be underestimated.

The organization is particularly worried about the negative repercussions of the continued killing of donkeys in the northern region will have on peasant farmers and women.

Cataloging the importance of donkeys, Mr. Hudu said owners of the animals derives at least 87 to 90% of their livelihoods from the services of the donkeys.

Seventeen West African nations and others in Asia and Latin America have stood against the export of donkey skins.

Their decision Mr Hudu explained was as a result of unsustainable loss of donkeys, the damage it causes to livelihoods, the environmental consequences of an industry that focuses on short-term extraction and evidence linking to criminal activities such as wildlife crime, the drug trade and weapons trafficking.

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